Last November, we had the opportunity to work with San Diego-based clothing retailer Jinx as they prepared for their appearances at MineCon and BilzzCon 2013. As one of the biggest “geeks and gamers” retailers, Jinx needed a booth that would live up to their stellar reputation at two of the industry’s biggest trade show events! That’s where we came in.

Designing Jinx’s booth

When we sat down with the guys at Jinx to come up with the design of the booth, there were a couple of key things we needed to know. Understanding the purpose of their participation at the shows was at the top of that list, as well as how how the traffic flow of the conventions would come into play. For Jinx, these two expos were their main selling events of the year, so naturally the design of the booth would need to provide them with ample display space and a layout that allowed for people to browse, experience and then purchase their products as easily as possible. Because of their popularity at these shows, it was also important that the design of the booth could accommodate a large line and heavy foot traffic.

Taking all of this into consideration, we came up with a functional design that met these needs while incorporating the visual elements they had in mind. Before Jinx came to us, they had been using an older style booth that wasn’t suitable for their needs. The previous design of their booth was not as professional as they wanted, and they were looking for something that represented them as the brand they had grown into. In order to get the most value out of their investment, Jinx decided to rent both booths from us, rather than purchase them.

The finished product

We are extremely proud of the way this booth came out, and think it was exactly what they needed to make an impression at MineCon and BlizzCon 2013! The layout was fairly simple, open with shelving around the walls, a display at the front and a counter where customers could purchase products. Some other features of this display were:

● Double swinging doors to accommodate moving pallets of merchandise into the exhibit
● Complete interior clearance height of 12′ with no floor obstructions
● Three transaction windows to move merchandise from the interior fulfillment area to the sales registers
● A pre-purchase window that doubled as a secondary entrance to fulfillment area
● Internal spot lighting

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