Exhibit Design

Trade show displays are not created equally. Your requirements are unique to your brand and exhibit objectives. At Expo Outfitters, we approach every project with an open mind and a clean slate. Your exhibit is designed based on your specific requirements – how you want to attract new booth visitors and how you plan to generate sales opportunities are considered, along with how you want your company to be perceived by peers, competitors and visitors at the show. We work with you to determine what you are trying to accomplish at each show, independent of the next, then create displays which enable you to achieve your objectives.

Our design philosophy is simple. We design trade show displays which blend functionality with aesthetic enabling you to generate positive results at each show. Whether results mean enhancing your brand, generating leads or both, our designs enable exhibitors to feel like superstars! Each element within our display designs serve a purpose.

We also realize that budgets and resources may create challenges to accomplishing exhibit design goals. Our approach to every project is to design to your requirements within your budget the first time. This way, we eliminate creating false expectations from the start with hopes to eliminate surprise expenses at the end of the show.