Exhibit Management

From experience, we understand that managing an exhibit schedule can be a daunting task. Our clients often tell us that there is never enough time in their days to effectively plan for upcoming trade shows. Most marketers and exhibitors find that filling out forms, arranging installs, and shipping their display can take time away from more proactive, ROI focused activities.

Expo Outfitters offers a full suite of exhibit management services & solutions designed to help marketers and exhibitors focus on what they do best – increasing results from trade shows. These services include helping you with show planning and logistics, shipping your display materials and managing display installation & dismantle labor. When the show ends, we can provide support to help review your final invoice and arrange display storage. Because of our experience and in-house services, we ensure a worry-free exhibiting experience that is on time and within your budget.

Managed Shipping

An important part of any exhibit is making sure your display materials arrive at the show floor on time without damage. Our managed shipping & logistics services ensure that your exhibit materials will meet deadlines efficiently and cost effectively.

Install & Dismantle Labor

Expo Outfitters provides complete trade show display installation and dismantle services throughout the United States and in specific parts of the world. Our extensive experience working on the show floor has provided us with a complete understanding of what it takes to work with labor organizations, general contractors and show officials, making us extremely qualified to handle your trade show setup. As your Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) we will streamline your exhibit program saving you time and money at every show.

Show Forms & Deadline Dates

Placing your show services order and managing deadline dates can be a stressful task. Missing a deadline for show services orders such as electrical connections or rigging labor for hanging signs can prove costly. With every exhibit we provide assistance to exhibitors with show forms and deadline dates saving you time and money.