Stay Safe, San Diego!
FREE Physical Distancing Packages for Local Businesses

We’re donating Physical Distancing Packages with floor graphics, posters, and signs that comply with CDC and San Diego City guidelines. We all want to get back to doing what we love. But we have to do it safely. We’re here for you San Diego! See what’s in our FREE Physical Distancing Packages or Donate with us on

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Need custom print services? We have everything you need to keep your employees and customers safe.

Open safely with custom signs, stickers, graphics, and wide-form prints. Our skilled team of designers is here to help you. If you want it, we can make it. Send us your own design, or choose from ready-to-use safety graphics that we ship directly to your business. We’re happy to help!


Expo Outfitters is working hard to help America get back to work. We have creative safety solutions for our local businesses. Building things is what we do. Let’s build something together to help your business succeed while everyone is social distancing.

Custom Built Solutions and Installation

• Contactless Pickup Windows & Transaction Counters
• Interior Solutions for Restaurants & Retail Stores
• Portable Partition Walls
• Portable Drive Thru

PPE, Guards, Dispensers, and More

• Face Shields
• PPE Dispensers
• Isolation Boards
• Sneeze Guards
• Ear Savers

Let’s build something together. Give us a call or drop us an email today!


CALL: (858) 578-0356